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The TOP 10 Questions to ask when interviewing an Orange County DUI attorney:

  1. How many California DUI cases have you successfully represented?
  2. How much (what percentage) of your legal practice is dedicated to California DUI defense?
  3. Prior to commencing service, do you provide a written contract that details all fees and services provided?
  4. Has the State Bar of California ever set any disciplinary or administrative action(s) against you?
  5. Have you successfully completed any seminars or training courses specifically related to DUI defense?
  6. Are you a former police officer or prosecutor?
  7. Do you belong to any professional organizations that are related to or support DUI defense?
  8. Are you an expert in representing DUI cases both in court and at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?
  9. Are you available via telephone and/or e-mail to answer questions related to my specific DUI case?
  10. Have you ever spoken at or taught a seminar or training course specifically related to DUI defense?
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Hi Vince,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the great job you did keeping Rick out of prison. You are awesome!!! I’ll be sending the rest of your fee ASAP. Thanks again :-}

L.T., San Bernardino, California

Hi Vince,

I just found out that I have gotten my medical license back without any restrictions or probation!!!!! I cannot express how thankful I am that you went the extra mile to help me when I know that you did not have to. You are an amazing lawyer, but more than that you are a great person. Really I am forever greateful.

P.S, Los Angeles County, California

*This case was a first offense DUI with a .19 blood alcohol level that I got reduced to a dry reckless and won the DMV hearing. I also assisted the client with the medical board of California and the Attorney General’s office……Vincent John Tucci, President of the CA DUI Lawyer’s Association

Hey Vincent,

Just wanted to thank you in writing for your flawless work in court today for my DUI case. I’ve heard it before but today I got to witness first hand that district attorneys and prosecutors don’t necessarily care about the truth or sometimes even evidence. What they care about the most is winning, regardless of the evidence or shady testimony of their key witnesses. I can honestly say that if I did not have you as my attorney and advocate, the prosecutor would have minced me up and grounded me to little bits of pieces. Your knowledge of the law and to effectively use that knowledge for the benefit of your client is in my opinion an art form and you have mastered it. I’m so happy that I trusted my instincts to retain your services. You did not let me down.

Thanks again Vincent!
Best regards,

Peter A.